We start believing in better...

Dear, you.
I will not place a name upon your character. I don’t know who you are.

I’m sorry. 

yo we’re done. we finished already 

that may be your definition of being in love because thats what it takes for you to fall in love. 

but still. everyone in the world will have their own definition and will fall in love, all completely different feelings and ways as you. 

thats what you need to understand. 

and now you’re telling me I’ve never “seen it” 

you’re so offensive 

you literally don’t get it and you can’t admit you’re wrong… 

right for argument sake lets pretend i actually think I’m in love with her. 

no one in the whole universe who isn’t me, can say no you’re not. 

and thats it. no other person other than me feels what i feel. and thats it. now tell me I’m wrong. 

and actually i don’t even care that ellie thought differently, because she kept it to herself. you’re just not understanding how rude and offensive your comment was. and thats it. thats literally this whole conversation 

for thinking what? you just exploded on me saying don’t fucking bring ellie into it… when you did 

you brought ellie into it…. 

your comment is void. you didn’t notice the bold EXAMPLE in my last post. 

and in conclusion. you and ellie may be in love with your boyfriends. 

but that doesn’t make you guys experts on love. or know when someone is in love or not. at all. or have any power to say if someone feels the same or not, because you know how that feels., or you know how long it took for you both to feel that.